Robyn Rock (she/they)

Creative Director / Artist
{Art & Design • Ecology • Black Culture}



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USA 2020

USA 2020 (2021)
11 x18.5”

A visual representation of the 2020 American landscape. While 84 million Americans voted Biden as the 46th president, an astonding 71 million Americans voted to re-elect Trump. The checkered black and while pattern struggles to find balance, the push and pull, reminscent of the pull for power between Republicans and Democrats. All while surround by the green landscape, representative of climate change waits patiently for the internal struggle to give way so that we can fight the damage we are so actively causing. 

References / Influences

Marcus Garvey, Pan African/ Black Liberation Flag (1920)
Dave Hammons, African American Flag (1990)
Dave Hammons, African American Flag (1990)