Robyn Rock

Creative Director / Artist

{Art & Architecture • Ecology • Black Culture}


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            Grateful Tropics Bandana Set 


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            An Ode to the Kamoinge Workshop

            Balance Bowl
            Big Star Planter
            Building Blocks
            Patterned Bowls

            Patterned Storage
            Primary Pattern Planter
            Primary Pots

            Primary Vases

        Creative Direction
            Juno House
            Urban Garden
            VH1 Summer Survival Kit

            Black Artchive

            Manufactured Paradise
            Miami Zine
            New York Gritty
            On Nature
            Summer City

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Black Ecology 

Black Ecology (2021)


The flag represents the Black Ecological Struggle. The central focal point is that of the black square at the center, surrounded by white squares(society) then surrounded by black squares (black society) and eventually surrounded and grounded by the green background (nature). Inspired by The Womanist Reader Black Ecology Futures communal study program.  


Marcus Garvey, Pan African/ Black Liberation Flag (1920)